Driftage Route

  Driftage route map of Yangshuo Yulong River
  Yulong River is a roll of painting. There are comprises appearance of mountains on both sides ,the trees are evergreen and riverside filed changes their color in four seasons, which fully reveal the poetic feelings.
  The water of Yulong River is clear to see the bottom in bright blue. Standing on the riverside, you can feel that it is the cloudless sky overhead. The most pleasant place for you is two ancient stone bridges on Yulong River, which are Yulong Bridge and Fuli Bridge. Yulong Bridge is vigorous, which is a kind of non-slurry mortarless single-hinged arch bridge as same as Xiangui Gridge near the ruins of Jiu Town.
  There are various size of stone bridges and wood bridges on Yulong River, and 28 beaches in the river, irrigation bamboo watermill on the riverside, and laundry village girls, old fisherman along the river, as well as village devoured in the banyan, playful ducks and naked naughty children in the green lake of village, and curl of smoke among cottages, which together forms a village graffiti. What a fantastic picture of “fairyland on earth”.
  Yulong River has nearly 20 main scenic spots, including Xiniu Pond, Shuie Scenery, Wuzhi Mountain, Chaoyang Village, Xiangui Bridge, Yulong Bridge, Huiyi Ruins of Ancient City, Han Dynasty Tombs, Dongyun Rock, and The Eight Fairies, etc. The scenic spots between Yulong Bridge and Qinge Crossing are the best.


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